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frequency trading and all of the advanced technology. the nasdaq and all of the other exchanges three weeks ago pushed back on that. they said they like the idea of the rules. but they complain that many of the rules are too vague and they complained about the cost. particularly the reporting that's involved. all of the notification they have to give to sec. sros the letters said, that many of the economic and cost assumption by commission will generate greatly by analysis. they run the risk of reallocating resources and the sci and comply ins entities, including the nasdaq and again the nasdaq, nyse, bats and all of these other exchanges, saying, wit a mint, let's pull back a little bit. meantime, we've had this debacle happen today and these rules with public comments now closed. it is still in the rule making process. perhaps could be next year before there's any other update. >> all right, scott. we want to -- we want to slip in another earnings report. aeropostle out. >> reporting an eps loss of 34 cents. analysts expected a loss of 24 cents. on revenue of $450 million. they did tell u
, is this going to be the norm going forward? are there more acquisitions to be done in terms of technology and international? >> we are clearly going to be investing in technology. no doubt about it. now, whether it's acquisitions or our oh own capabilities, i spent monday and tuesday in our office in san bernardino, california, and we have acquired talent, the best talent in the world, the smartest in silicon valley, that i continue to be enthused. so we will invest in different ways in the area of technology. and at the same time, we're going to continue to invest in stores. we think the overlap -- having 11,000 retail stores around the world and the world's best technology -- we think produces the world's best way to serve consumers in every market, so we're going to continue to invest in both in order to serve customers with this overlap of technology and stores. >> you know, it's interesting that you mentioned -- first of all, will you take people from what about the talent there? >> well, we have great respect for all competitors, including amazon and other competitors. a
with technology problems in trading isn't there isn't a backup system but it's hard to have a backup system for every possible type of problem. if a server breaks surely they have a failover. my guess is that they might some data issue here and those are a little bit harder to track, but still, the other thing i would point out is that people shouldn't be comparing problems on the exchanges to really what are accelerated human error issues like what happened at goldman sachs and the flash crash is not is not indicative of the same kind of problems. technology is going to break from time to time. there were trading errors and problems before technology and now that we have it we're going to see them. it's going to shake confidence but people should be cognizant of that. >> i want to go to better that kooms in a second but joe and his partner, sal are probably the guys who have been out there the most and they know the market dynamics. here's his tweet. dear dr. frankenstein what do you think of the monster you created, u.s. equity market structure. this is not some
back into the cyclicals, so we're overweight the technology space, overweight financials. so i think the market is setting itself up for a good finish to the year. i still have some more dry powder, but i definitely want to be involved with this market. i think all of the naysayers all year long, i think, have -- are still waiting for that great entry point as we hit new record highs. >> josh, picking up anything on the floor about what traders will be looking forward to next week in order to figure out where we go from here? >> actually, kelly, you have a pretty relatively busy week in terms of economic fronts. you have durable goods. you have home prices. you have consumer confidence. you also have a lot more fed speak. william, lagarde, bullard, and i think traders are probably expecting kind of it to be relatively quiet here, depending on rates. remember, then again, that could change september, then we get the jobs report. of course, there's the fed taper or not tapering, and if they do, by how much. >> last question, ralph, you had said, okay, we get a 10% correction. it won't
people were working hard to make sure everything went back. but again, technology's complicated. these issues will happen, unfortunately, but what we have here is a resolution in terms of controls. and i think that's something probably that nasdaq and the regulators have to work on to avoid things like this happening not only in exchanges like nasdaq, but also in trading firms like in the case of knight capital. ashley: but, look, to err is human, to really screw up it takes a computer, and when you have all of this information all coming in very complex systems, part of the problem was the nasdaq couldn't push the old reboot, reset button because it was so interconnected with all the other exchanges. is this something we have to live with? >> no, we have to definitely review the technology. nasdaq has been in the electronic trading for 40 years, so obviously, i'm really surprised that the data feed was something that could be going wrong today. maybe it was a software glitch, maybe the data was corrupted, we don't know yet what happened really, and i think there's going to be t
picture doesn't usually change. >> at some point, the technology gets better, it gets more -- the nasdaq has more competition these days. >> they're the first one. they should be the ones that have it down. >> you would think. >> and no one is going back to specialists. we'll have all the politicians calling for more regulation. you know that's going to happen, even though the s.e.c. is already, some people think fairly heavily handed and we'll talk about that in the executive exchange in a second. other headline today, moodys placed the ratings of six of the largest banks in the u.s. on review. the agency is weighing the possibility of lesser government support for those institutions. we're talking about goldman sachs, jpmorgan, morgan stanley, wells fargo all under review with a possible implication for downgrade. bank of america and citigroup are being evaluated in their words with the direction uncertain -- already sort of -- >> see what is interesting there, right? the stronger the banks, the stronger banks are being downgraded because s&p says, oh, it all falls apart, they won't ge
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twice that. that is according to s&p capital iq. >> that prize itself on being a technology vanguard. if they have these hiccups how well are they serving their clients in the future. >> rennance capitol tells us that the new york stock exchange was gaining ground before facebooks ipo but that nasdaq fumbled one of the most popular ipo's ever. it gave the new york stock exchange ammunition. today's pitching will likely do the same. the exchange says the lead is likely accelerating. it has raised four times more capital than any other marketplace with a record. now of course all eyes are on what twitter, dropbox, and other technology and uber will choose and which exchange they will choose when they go public in the next year. >> thank you very much. and in today's question of the day, we asked after yesterday's shut down, what are you thinking today. the sec needs tighter regulation. 59% says the nasdaq needs to get it together. that is interesting. 15% say this makes me less likely to trade all together. >> that is a tough one. several big name emerging markets. the impact on the do
the new nascar fan and media engagement center. hp's technology helps us turn millions of tweets, posts and stories into real-time business insights that help nascar win with our fans. >> well, i think to be honest, russian and chinese, these are authoritarian governments. this is a client state. they are worried about, the only thing chinese care about is continuing access to oil supplies out of the region. syria is not much importance to any of us in terms of national security. i think they are symbolic. they will halt legitimacy through the u.n. they won't oppose us on the ground. the question will be, if we pull off this strike with 200 tomahawks some time this weekend, what's the likely outcome? it is unpredictable. unlikely to be good. you want to use military power and tell the u.s. air force and navy, you've got 60 days to bring down the assad regime, they'll do it. there's no question. then we will live with the follow-on war in which they try and eliminate the christians, the -- et cetera. >> thank you for your thoughts today. >> thank you. >> bill, not a lot of good options f
nascar fan and media engagement center. hp's technology helps us turn millions of tweets, posts and stories into real-time business insights that help nascar win with our fans. >>> finger pointing and name calling. that's been the game between the nasdaq and new york stock exchange since last thursday. now the federal government is demanding hard answers. >> the two exchanges are blaming one another for the destruction and now the securities and exchange commission heard enough. its head mary jo white demanding they meet september 12th to give a clear picture of exactly what happened. what's on the line at the meeting and what's the future of these exchanges? with us, david wield, former vice chairman and chris nagy, served on the board of the philadelphia stock exchange and amex option s exchanges. william. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> from your perspective, how important is the nasdaq prove it's not at fault jmplt you c? >> you can look at the structure. both at fault in some way. blaming the markets isn't particularly productive. they've become so complicated, some respects
point. if they were to do this what they would be doing is bringing fresher technology at that price point. expanding into those android buyers who want the latest thing but don't want to fay premium price. those people could be drawn over. also going after emerging markets. >> i don't think it will have the latest technology. maybe beefier to make room for ois. i see it exactly as emerging markets. also ntt in japan, those are areas where the iphone 5c fits better. >> thanks, guys. >> thanks very much. >>> changes are afoot for the super mario brothers, nintendo is slashing the price of its wii console and adding a new lower price hand-held device to re-energize its place in video gaming. >>> when was the last time you played supermario. >> a long time. >> if your kids are playing video games get home to put it down and watch part three of our series called school days. changing face was college is coming up. we'll talk about the course you should be investing in to obtain a good job after graduation. stay tuned. [ indistinct shouti] ♪ [ indistinct shouting ] [ male announcer ] ti
technologically-driven our economy is, especially these high speed trades and, you know, smart grid, et cetera, the more vulnerable are we to potential interruptions. >> now to the regulators, people familiar with the matter tell fox business, commodities future trading commission is looking for new rules for high speed computer changes. sec chairman mary jo white plans to hold a meeting with marketing officials and nasdaq about the marketing freeze. they plan to have new standards and fines for electronic trading networks t would require them to test their systems and design plans for failures. house services and staff there are examining the issue. tracy? tracy: rich edson, thank you very much. adam: for more on yesterday's nasdaq flash freeze and what is means for investors, brian jacobsen, wells fargo fund management. he is the chief portfolio strategist and he joins us now. get back to the question of nasdaq. have they thoroughly explained this to the satisfaction of investors and market participants? >> stock price reaction would suggest they haven't thoroughly explained or people didn't
. the cnbc news line is rick shearling, head of u.s. technology research. he just got off the phone with microsoft. rick, was ballmer forced out? >> jim, it's not exactly clear. you know that value act was pressing and threatening to file a proxy battle. and on their agenda was management succession. so i guess what's unclear right now does this validate that value active getting a board seat and they're already having some effect for might suggest that value act had a harder time winning a board seat, that one of their key items to appeal to investors was was management succession is kind of off the table now. the other items, i think on value act's agenda is the significant repurchase and significant increase in dividend. i think all of that becomes more likely if you have new management in place. but i think right now the key question would be does this probability of getting a board seat or wrath whether they have to go through the proxy concept and whether that's effective. one of their main octobbjective management succession. >> do you think that investors should chase the st
think we figured this out now. we have gordon back. i apologize for the technology glitch there, gordon. >> glad to be back. >> the impact that regulations are having, we are still trying to get our arms around dodd-frank. they haven't completed it. they say they will by the end of the year. what is your assessment and the impact it'll have on your business? >> well, the dodd-frank and voccer won't have a significant impact other than trading businesses. we have one business that could be impacted depending on how the rules are written and how they are applied to foreign organizations. so it is not material. it's not overly significant. but it could potentially have an impact in terms of structure of some of our businesses. in terms of the implications of some of the dod -- that's mainly voccer. dodd-frank, impact on retail won't have much impact. financial holding companies rules will have a bit of impact but buecause we are overcapitalized, we hold our position. >> bet are than half is retail banking. td reported it is closing branches and it has been closing and merge be u.s. and can
. this is nasdaq's second problem. it had the fiasco with the facebook offering as well. technology will always have glitches. but exchanges have to be prepared for them otherwise our capital markets are going to crumble and that's simply not acceptable. >> i want to get this right. reg sci, securities compliance and integrity. that apparently is, i don't know whether that's a promulgated rule from the sec or something being discussed but i'm told, i heard the exchanges themselves are dragging their feet. this amounts to a lot of technological change which we reported on our own bob pisani. what's up with this? is it true? have they dragged their feet and why? >> they are opposed to this because they are concerned about excessive costs. but if you are the nation's marketplace, you have an obligation to have a market with integrity. if something like this could possibly happen, you need continuous testing, not a quarterly or semiannual or yearly testing. you have to be testing all the time. you have to be upgrading your software and you need a crisis management plan for exactly what happened tod
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technologies, unites technologies made the acquisition of goodrich. the airspace is on fire in the country. you default to that that's an international market that must be based here. like united technology, it's a smart company. >> street research, not too much this week. the deutsche bank upgrading dollar tree to buy to hold. sales incrementally positive on the dollar stores. you not only follow the stores you manage to get into one or two every weekend. >> i do prefer dollar tree. if you ever bought candy the a cvs or walgreens, you're a sucker. >> is that significant? >> if you buy readers, i can't see a thing, you're playing full praise. you go there, they're a fraction. >> the stock's up so much. what could happen there? >> the board is all up, you've got a standstill expiring or expiring. there's continued chatter, could you see, could you try to force a deal between family dollar and dollar tree. >> dollar tree had good numbers last week. >> dollar general. >> dollar general, frankly a buyback king. they have -- they spin -- >> walmart have any interest? >> walmart? >> i'm not saying an
, it is not a downer. >> although on the technologies we saw yesterday reported by the journal 660% of the ipos here have been tech-related which is not a reflection of a great deal of excitement. >> well, i bridle at that, because i think that biotech should be considered tech, and b biotech is the hottest year i can remember. a lot of the biotech companies came public and found people suspicious saying that people will buy anything. >> we are not there yet. >> no? >> really? the ipos that we have looked at, it does not appear that the quality of them has diminished anywhere near the level that we saw where you could put zseven sentences on paper and then open up public. >> and the perkulation of the stocks, and if you want to see some group dole we well, and tht of bristol-myers -- >> we mentioned that the nasdaq was positive on the month and it just went negative, so we did jinx that. over to bob pisani on the floor. >> oil is up at a six-month high, and chevron and exxon up, but 28 other stocks to the dow are to the downside. rough seas over in the emerging markets, and indian and philippine and
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's why we partnered with hp to build the new nascar fan and media engagement center. hp's technology helps us turn millions of tweets, posts and stories into real-time business insights that help nascar win with our fans. >>> welcome back. it's time now for the "executive edge," our daily segment focused on giving business leaders a leg up. and you know, we're approaching the five-year anniversary of the financial crisis and the government response coming up, about two weeks. if you think the collapse of lehman is that anniversary. in my "the new york times" column this morning, we looked at t.a.r.p. and i talked to hank paulsen about his misgivings about bank bonuses. he rarely talked about this before, and speaking about the payouts, paulsen noted in part -- "to say i was disappointed is an understatement. my view has nothing to do with legality and everything to do with what was right and everything to do with just a colossal lack of self-awareness to how they were viewed by the american public." and you know, guys, hank paulson has not come out and talked about the bonuses in a f
breached itself with technology used in the xbox game console. did you see what david pogue wrote about ballmer? i thought it was insightful. >> i thought it was critical. everything over the last 13 years. >> i looked at it and looked at net income and number of employees and revenue and everything eliminatise. the one thing that stuck out, obviously, was that the stock was still down from where it was in 2000, but that's the same with any -- it's a $6 billion market cap. that was the blue chip sort of mania that put coke at 50 times earnings and general electric at $60 a share and all of these stocks were way overbought and overloved in the late '90s. you look at just how he managed the business itself. it is a -- what do they make? what do they do in revenue? what do they make per year? i think two or three times what they used to make when it was a $600 million company. i don't know. they provided software for pcs. they battled the open -- like linux, whatever, they sort of prevailed there. >> the question is what's going to happen with the company in the next ten years? to me, give
that the stocks as a group, mandy, are part of the prior cycle leadership and rather be in industrials, technology and financials in the states relative to global precious metals at these levels. >> are you among those that keep a portion of a portfolio in gold anyway as a hedge? 5% or whatever? >> well, we do for some of our blended portfolios, bill, when we take a look at holdings both in canada, in the united states. but our u.s. portfolios we look at are benchmarked toward the u.s. and what we want to do is be cautious here in the materials space given where fundamentals are. 2% or 3% position is prudent in the u.s. at these levels. >> can i follow up on what you were saying about industrials, brian? you know, a lot of industrials, you know, they have assets in various geographies around the world and in light of the fact of seeing stabilizations in the regions, brian, do you feel that that hasn't yet been priced in yet and could be part of the upside you see? >> it's an excellent point, mandy. i think the big thing on industrials are investors over ten years used industrials for the increment
of the line drug distributor. david: and technology, what do you think of that sector in general? >> we'll see something out of apple over the next couple weeks. we'll see what kind of products they are bringing out. david: what do you think it will be? >> we think it is clear a 5s, a cheaper phone. david: won't be a game-changer oror new product entirely no. >> no. i think that will be in the iphone 6. we want to look what happens in china, whether they have a china mobile phone. david: because you're looking at apple you have a stock that relates closely to apple, ttm technologys. >> they do manufacturing of the printed circuit boards that go into a lot of phones. we're seeing hiring at their fa facilities and that is a good indication something is coming. david: "wall street journal" how to look for stocks. tim are you looking at european stocks at all? >> you know, we've been looking how they have been responding i guess given the better economic data but let's not forget there is a big german election coming up. perhaps this isn't surprising coming into the german selections. given what i
's technology helps us turn millions of tweets, posts and stories into real-time business insights that help nascar win with our fans. adam: we're approaching 1:30. we want to check in with lauren simonetti on the floor of the new york stock exchange. we are near session lows for the dow. how are we faring right now? >> adam, the selling is just intensifying right now on wall street. this is the s&p 500. i want to show you the chart. it is all red. it is ugly. as you can see we're at the lows of the session. everyone is worried about syria but there are some issues upcoming traders are talking about. of course volume is light. that exacerbates things. bank of america is the second worst performer on the dow. a lost financials are down. jpmorgan, six biggest banks are down. they were down better than 2%. they were unable to get a federal judge to dismiss a mortgage fraud uit that case is going to trial. that date, september 23rd. back to you. adam: lauren simonetti, watching as you said, down 141 points right now. thank you, ma'am. lori: the situation in security is causing a flight to secur
execution issues and he's a proven technology executive that knows a lot about software. and one of the big changes in infrastructure is the software layer can be the differentiator for hardware. i think his skill set plus a couple of other people i brought in to assist him, i think you will see this thing turn pretty fast. >> meantime, analysts are trying to get their heads around this, meg, ahead of the analyst day in october. isi is out with a note saying in their view the only catalyst for the company at this stanlth is a break-up and in their words, even the great carl icahn would have trouble creating value here. are you willing to reconsider, even though you've already reconsidered your strategy, regarding divestitures? >> i believe that hp has a set of assets that are unique. we're the only company who can go from devices to infrastructure to services and software. and this is a huge point of difference as we can bring a series of assets to bear on some of the big shifts in the market. we have a unique and differentiated cloud strategy because we have this breadth of assets at hp. a
of the session again. down 63 points on the dow. nasdaq which has been b you oyed by some of the high technology stocks dipping in the negative territory and the s&p down 6 points at 1656, mandy. >> let's talk more about the markets. joining us now is our guest panel. rick santelli who loves to jump in on every single topic. let's start with you. you're the lucky one next to me, right? >> yes. >> the private bank. >> yes. >> what are you saying to the private bank clients right now about the markets? >> well, actually, we still like equities. we still think that the market is fairly priced. it's not cheap like it was a number of months. valuations are reasonable. we think on a relative basis -- >> after the pullback over the course of august things have come back to what you think is a fair price? >> off 3%, 3.5% from the highs. even after june after the initial taper conversation, we were down about 9%. there's still actually relative to fixed income, relative to cash, closer to asset classes, we think a reasonable place to put money to work although volatility picks up in the fall with septemb
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- safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cuttingdge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, whe experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger. ♪ melissa: given the choice, would you encourage a whole government to shut down or fund obama to get it started? millions of americans are signing on before the health care law. georgia congressman is one of the backers and he joins me now. congressman, i want to ask you, if you shut down the government it does not defund obamacare. you would be hurting other programs, wouldn't money still go to obamacare? >> shutting down the government is not the issue here. obamacare is already killing job production in america. obamacare is going to shut down america. we've got to stop the movement tatian and by defunding it and continuing to fund the entire government except for the mandatory as well as the discretionary spending, which we can do in the continuing res
the economy has changed. the twin forces of technology and global competition have subtracted those jobs that once provide foot hold into the middle class. reduced the bargaining power of american workers. our politics has suffered. entrenched interests, those who benefit from an unjust status quo resisted any government efforts to give working families a fair deal. martialing an army of lobbyists and opinion makers to argue that taxes on the wealthy who could afford just to fund crumbling schools that all these things violated sound economic principles. we be told that growing inequality was a price for a growing economy. a measure of a free market. that greed was good. and compassion ineffective. and those without jobs or health care had only themselves to blame. then there were those elected officials who found it useful to practice the old politics of division, doing their best to convince middle class americans of a great untruth that government was somehow itself to blame for their growing economic insecurity. that distant bureaucrats were taking their hard earned dollars to benefi
in this new te technological age and remember, everything revolves around mobile platform, tabths and smartphones and microsoft is trying to do that and it will take some time whether or not a new guy can come in there and make them that much more relevant in an age of pc declines. >> i understand the betting is bill gates will not come back to microsoft, but he will be on the search committee. >> that's correct, the board of directors has convened to at least try to find a candidate now. bill gates is going to be part of that search committee to find who the successor is going to be. there is no indication that i've heard or anyone else has heard that he will actually be the next ceo again. so no talk on that front, but he will have a hand in picking who that person is going to be. dominic chu. we appreciate the update. >> speaker john boehner says he will block any effort to shut down the government this year and folks, he has the votes. greffer nor quist and the free market friday panel will be back with us in just a moment. what's this? uhh, it's my geico insurance id card, s
company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, where experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger. >>> as congress wraps up its recess, there's a large and growing to do list waiting for them back in washington. from major decisions on syria to issues that he had been working on before the break. members of congress have their work cut out for them on all fronts. more more i'm joined by representative maxine waters, democratic congresswoman from california. and congress woman, i want to get your reaction to the developments on syria. if it were to come to a vote if the house of representatives whether to take military action in syria, what would your vote be. >> well, at this time, i think i'm leaning toward trying to do something to stop assad from using weapons of mass destruction. i think it is not in the best interests of t
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technologies are headed higher after the company reported earnings and sales that beat analysts estimates and forecasted better growth for the current quarter. >> here's the catch 22 that we're in right now for the markets here. we get weak data, we get earnings concerns. we get strong data, we have tapering concerns. the market is trying to work through this. >> i have a chance to talk to them more in depth both on air and on the side lines and i hear that they want this to happen in september if the data supports it. >> this is a part of the growing pains that we're going to see in the industry and it's a complex and precise process. what keeps elon musk up at night this is one of those things. >> you get more hate mail on twitter for talking about tesla. >> tesla is the new apple on twitter. if you say anything positive or negative everybody comes out of the network. domenic chu, singapore based company, have you seen that chart? >> smart phone it's been a volatile space, right? >> xhb is your trade. what did you make a face about? >> i take issue with street signs and inventories. >>
once brought it down in 1994. some people say we live in a technological age and just like your pc fails, or crashes from time to time, this is going to happen too. >> but if you were sitting in south dakota at that time in the afternoon, watching your portfolio not understanding what was happening, that was a pretty scary three hours. >> i think leigh would agree, if this had been say a jobs day or a day there was high volume and we are in the dog days of august, you needed liquidity, you might have seen an impact on the dow on names that could trade because you would have to sell things, you couldn't sell apple, maybe i'll sell my ibm. i think the biggest frustration and embarrassment for those of us who cover the markets is, we have the best capital markets in the entire world, it's one of the best selling points on our calling card all around the world an this shouldn't happen. >> it shouldn't. it's inexplicable. yes, this maybe happens with technology, but my e-mail hardly ever goes out. you know, there should be an answer for this and i think we don't have an answer as to why
-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, where experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger. ( bell rings ) they remwish i saw mine of my granmore often, but they live so far away. i've been thinking about moving in with my daughter and her family. it's been pretty tough since jack passed away. it's a good thing you had life insurance through the colonial penn program. you're right. it was affordable, and we were guaranteed acceptance. guaranteed acceptance? it means you can't be turned down because of your health. you don't have to take a physical or answer any health questions. they don't care about your aches and pains. well, how do you know? did you speak to alex trebek? because i have a policy myself. it costs just $9.95 a month per unit. it's perfect for my budget. my rate will never go up. and my coverage will never go down because of my age. affordable coverage and guaranteed acceptance? we should give them a
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